Reacheng communication is approved as an enterprise R & D institution in Pudong New Area

Issuing time:2021-03-23 13:44

Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and technology and Economic Commission recently released the list of enterprise R & D institutions in Pudong New Area in 2020. According to the regulations and requirements of the administrative measures for the identification of enterprise R & D institutions in Pudong New Area (pukejinggui [2019] No. 1) and other documents, through examination and approval, Reacheng communication stands out from many enterprises and is recognized as the enterprise R & D institution in Pudong New Area in 2020.

The recognition of "enterprise R & D institutions in Pudong New Area" is an important measure to realize the industrialization of high-tech, which is formulated to cultivate and support high-end, efficient and high-tech enterprises with core competitiveness and independent innovation ability, and focus on supporting strategic emerging industries and high-tech service industries.

Through continuous investment in R & D in recent years, Reacheng communication has made outstanding achievements in intelligent vehicle, platform construction and government enterprise cooperation. The recognition of Pudong New Area enterprise R & D institution this time is not only the recognition of the company's "specialization, innovation and efficiency", but also the recognition that the company is at the leading level in the industry in terms of R & D, market, service, quality and development, and is progressiveness and exemplary. The company will also continue to inject new momentum and continuously improve the scientific research strength and core competitiveness of the enterprise.


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