Reacheng communication Co.Ltd focuses on the technical innovation of active safety alarm technology, digital management and service efficiency improvement in the fields of intelligent vehicle, intelligent travel and outdoor operation; and provides customers with comprehensive solutions including high reliability intelligent equipment, data management platform and customization algorithm.
       Based on intelligent devices, realize the data interconnection of business scenarios, operators and terminal sensing systems, and strive to build a neutral and open technology platform to improve industry security and overall service efficiency through [IOT technology + AI algorithm].
Intelligent Vehicle
Portable Products
Smart Travel
Data Platform
Improve the company's management system

Declaration of high-tech enterprises

Enter the field of vehicle intelligence
Establishment of the company

Research and develop various communication products based on 3G / 4G and apply for various patents
Become a leader in smart travel industry

Become a pioneer in the development of intelligent logistics and freight transportation

Obtain the national high-tech certificate

Ruicheng IOT data platform starts operation
The company has obtained ISO14000 environmental management system certification

The company has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification

The company has obtained iso45001 occupational health and safety management system certification

Awarded as enterprise R & D institution in Pudong New Area

Key institutions of Zhangjiang Science City
The company has obtained the specialized special new enterprise certificate

The company has become the R & D unit of the Internet of things of the national post office

The company has become a member of the national security association

Invest in the overall solution of intelligent travel of two wheeled vehicles

R & D starts intelligent portable product line
In January 2021, the State Post Office issued the "Notice of the State Post Office on publishing the identification results of the technical R & D center of the postal industry in 2020" in the "Guo yo
Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and technology and Economic Commission recently released the list of enterprise R & D institutions in Pudong New Area in 2020.
Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission announced the list of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in 2020. After expert review and
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